This is the ultimate upside down tomato planter, which you don’t even need to buy, it tells you exactly how to make your own from a disused plastic bucket.

Couple of things I would note, don’t miss the ‘use a metal handle‘ tip and I would use a drill to take out the hole rather than using a Stanley knife as demonstrated, you could just loose a couple of fingers doing it that way. Other than that, this video says it all when it comes to making your own topsy turvy tomato planter.

Watering may become a bit of a pain, I always hated watering hanging baskets above my head so it might be worth investing in a micro water irrigation system. Especially if you decide to plant a few of these and remembering that if they do dry out then you will likely loose your entire crop of tomatoes.

Hope you enjoyed the video, but if you prefer to buy the equipment you can click on Upside Down Tomato Garden

Sometimes its just easier that way.