I think everyone knows that one of the most important ingredients any garden needs, whether you are growing tomatoes or any other vegetable for that matter, is a good supply of well rotted compost. Purchasing compost from a garden centre or store can become a little expensive and for most people really isn’t necessary.

Recycling garden and kitchen waste is a great way of providing compost in ample supply and making a compost drum to enable you to do this couldn’t be simpler. The video below describes exactly how you can go about making a compost drum for the garden using a plastic trash can as the base.

Preparing your soil for tomatoes is an important aspect of tomato growing and, as I am sure you already know, involves mixing lots of well rotted compost with well rotted manure and good quality top soil to get the best results. So making a compost drum for the garden is a sure way of ensuring that you have at least one of those ingredients in good supply. Of course you don’t have to make your own compost drum, there are plenty of affordable compost bins available on the Internet or from your local garden centre, but it’s always nice to get hands on and save a bit of money doing it.