Home Grown Tomatoes in Limited Space
By Brian R Stephens

How to grow tomatoes in pots at home

How to grow tomatoes in pots at homeTomatoes are one of the easiest plants to grow at home and there are a number of options for growing tomatoes at home. Even if you do not have a decent sized plot of land to use.

Many people grow tomatoes in containers that they can sit on a patio or perhaps, if space is very limited, they hang them from a support frame or convenient rafter. I can leave you to use your imagination as to where the best options are, but you will have to ensure is that there is sufficient sun light for your tomatoes to flourish. Ideally a minimum of 6 hours a day.

Also selecting the right varieties will help with the limited space problem, dwarf plants and cherry tomatoes can usually be accommodated in smaller pots and hanging baskets which makes them ideal as home grown tomatoes.

Selecting the right varieties also applies to extending your growing season, select a mixture of early and late blooming tomato plants to ensure you have tomatoes available over an extended period. Again this important for growing at home because you do not want too many tomatoes all coming at the same time, to an extent where you cannot use them all. Although if you do find yourself with too many you can always looks at ways of preserving them, tomato chutney is a good example.

Once you have chosen the way of growing your tomatoes and the variety you want to use, it then becomes a question of proper preparation and care. All tomatoes pretty much need the same things to allow them to flourish.  These revolve primarily around selecting the right location for sun, soil preparation and then watering.

There are other aspects to consider but for the most part, take care of these 3 primary aspects and you will be well on the way to being able to grow delicious tomatoes.

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