Growing tomatoes in raised bedsGrowing tomatoes in raised garden beds

There are several advantages to growing tomatoes in raised beds, many of which are similar to growing tomatoes in containers.

In many ways a raised bed is a form of container, it is just a container on a slightly grander scale.

The main advantages of growing tomatoes in raised beds

  • It is easier to control the mix of the soil and utilize compost specifically suited to growing tomatoes
  • The plants are generally easier to access for staking, weeding, watering, pruning and pest control
  • The soil tends to warm up more quickly than non-raised beds
  • It is easier to apply a mulch to prevent contamination, supplement feeding and keep weeds down
  • You can avoid standing on the soil which can cause it to compact
  • Raised beds tend to be free draining and do not easily become saturated
  • The soil is easier to dig out and replace should any contamination occur. Ideally this should be done on an annual or bi-annual basis
  • Feeding the tomato plants is much more targeted and effective, follow the instructions on the feed of choice or as a rule of thumb you can apply a high nitrogen liquid tomato feed around once a fortnight
  • Pests are less likely to infiltrate a raised bed but when they do they are easier to deal with

If growing tomatoes in raised beds doesn’t appeal then you might want to take a look at how you can create a layered garden which is another option for growing tomatoes.