Many people simply don’t have access to a decent patch of soil and as a result think that growing tomatoes is beyond their reach. But tomatoes, being what they are, can be easily grown in containers of some sort and are very well suited to being grown in grow-bags.

Ideally you should select a fit for purpose grow-bag, but alternatively a 60 litre bag of multi-purpose compost will serve just as well and will easily support the growth of two tomato plants, three at a stretch. In the UK you can plant your tomatoes in May if you have a greenhouse or June if you are planting outside on a patio or some other suitable spot that gets plenty of sunshine. The planting schedule is effectively driven by the risk of a late frost, or rather ensuring you avoid being caught out by a late frost.

Make sure the growbag is laying flat with the compost evenly distributed, a quick shake of the bag before laying it down and opening it up for the plants should sort this out.  Also make sure you puncture a few small drain holes in the underside before putting the plants in.

Tomatoes have a relatively unique feature in that they can develop roots from their stems and as such it is a good idea to plant them deeply into the soil. Also once planted they will need to be properly supported and when it comes to grow-bags (or compost bags for that matter) there are some nifty devices available on the market that will greatly assist you in that task. These come in the form of Grow-Bag Cane Frames, the frames sit underneath the bag and a cane slots down through the frame into the compost.

Then it is simply a case of loosely tying off the trusses to the cane with a soft garden string as they develop. The weight of the bag on the frame keeps it in place and the frame in turn keeps the cane upright and rigid. All being well, and with the support of a regular watering and feed program, you should start harvesting your tomatoes anytime from mid July through to September.

Remember to pinch out any little side shoots as they appear to ensure the main fruit bearing trusses get all the energy they need from the nutrients.

More useful growbag accessories:

Top Tip** – water the plants in their pots before transplanting and leave them to soak for an hour or so. This is a good tip for transplanting any plant, because it means that you should be able to remove the plant from the pot more easily and consequently with less risk of damage to the roots.