If you are interested in growing tomatoes from seed then you can find out the technique for separating the seeds from the fruit and preparing them for cultivation in the following video. The video describes the process in a clear and easy way that most anyone will be able to follow.

Heirloom tomato varieties are very popular for their full flavour and taste. Although the video does not use heirloom tomatoes the technique is exactly the same for all tomato types. If you want information on how to cultivate the seeds and turn them into tomato plants you can find out exactly how to grow tomatoes from seed by clicking on the link.

Always remember that you cannot grow tomatoes with seeds taken from the Hybrid varieties. They have for the most part been specially produced for commercial use and you cannot take the seeds from these varieties and cultivate them, just doesn’t work. So stick to the varieties that mother nature concocted for us and you will be fine.