me_on_stepWelcome to my blog I would like to give you an introduction to me, who I am, what I have done in the past and what I am doing now.

My name is Brian Stephens and I worked for many years in the oil and gas industry, specializing initially as a production engineer supporting the design and manufacture of directional drilling and surveying equipment.

More recently my wife and I moved to the South of France where we are now following a path more geared towards being self sufficient. To us this means operating our own businesses including renting out a holiday gite, using the resources that come with our property in terms of managing our woodland and growing our own vegetables.

Through my love for photography, especially of the digital variety, and my enjoyment in the production of aesthetically pleasing graphics using Photoshop Elements I have also embarked on a website design and Internet marketing business which we also hope will help sustain our lifestyle here in the South of France.

For my internet marketing activities, I will be using this blog to offer products and services through my affiliate relationships and will try my best to ensure that these products are great in terms of quality and offer real value for money.

Some of my other websites you may find of interest are French Holidays Aude which has a link on each page to my blog ‘Life in the France Lane’ and Curtains and Cushions which is the business my wife operates working in interior design and soft furnishings also here in the South of France to service Languedoc Rousillon region.

So that is it, please feel free to comment on any of my blog postings, ask questions or get in touch if you have a new project you would like to discuss for website development, would like help or assistance with any blogging activities or would just like a chat.

You can follow me on Twitter or get in touch via Facebook or MySpace

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